Creating the City Budget
The City of South Hutchinson operates on a calendar fiscal year. Budgeting for a coming year must be completed by August of the previous year.

The budget is the most important financial and policy document that the city produces each year. Objectives and priorities are identified and funding is allocated to those items. While allocation of funding does not guarantee that the money will be spent, it helps to identify what priorities exist.

Budget Caps

Unlike business, government budgeting in Kansas legally caps spending, meaning in order to exceed budgeted expenditures, a governing body must take a separate legal action. Budgeted fund expenditures are capped regardless of the amount of revenue those funds collect.

Budget Process

  • Every June, the City Council discusses priorities for the year.
  • Department heads meet to do preliminary expenditures for coming year.
  • Revenue estimates begin in May.
  • A preliminary budget is presented to the City Council in July.
  • Public meetings and hearings are held to incorporate public input into the budget process.
  • Budget must be approved by the end of August each year.


State Budget Forms