South Hutchinson provides water and wastewater service to residents in our service area. Trash and recycling service provided by Stutzman Refuse Disposal Inc. can also be added to the bill if the resident chooses.

Minimum Usage
The minimum charge for water service is $5.91 per month. There is a scale for water per 100 cubic feet charged based on use. The minimum charge for wastewater service is $28 until a winter average can be set for residential customers. Winter average takes the water usage in December, January, and February and averages the consumption. Revised averages appear on the May bills.

Water Rates
Water rates are determined by the monthly usage through the meter. Minimum charges are determined by the size of the service meter. Residential 5/8" meters are charged $5.91. Commercial meters minimum charges are determined by the size of meter, with larger meters paying a larger minimum fee. Consumption rates are tier at bulk rate, meaning the more water consumed the lower the cost of each additional unit. Out of town users pay an additional fee for water and wastewater service. Starting in 2016, water rates are revised annually to increase a minimal amount to compensate for cost inflation. A full chart of these rates is located in Ordinance 15-850.

Wastewater Rates
Once a winter average can be set, wastewater rates are computed by adding the base charge to the consumption charge associated with the winter average. Commercial customers do not receive a winter average, but are billed based on monthly water consumption. The minimum base charge is $10 per month. For each hundred cubic feet (HCF) of consumption, the customer will pay $3.00 per unit.