Goal 1: Economic Development

Goal 1a: Increase business opportunities, enhance economic development and sustain growth in existing businesses /Maintain and enhance the quality of existing structures

Goal 1a: Objectives

  • Create a task force comprised of a cross-section of South Hutchinson business owners (large and small), Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce representatives and South Hutchinson city officials to develop specific objectives and strategies utilizing current economic development data, trends and information from this strategic planning process.
  • Explore financial incentives for new, creative, young entrepreneurs and foster better relationships with existing organizations and programs for entrepreneurs.
  • Develop and maintain a central point of information related to starting a business in South Hutchinson including incentives and available land and buildings.
  • Foster a positive environment for entrepreneurial development.
  • Develop entrepreneurial opportunities for USD 309 students that could be incorporated into a project based learning model.

Goal 1b: Increase retail growth to promote jobs and increase population

Goal 1b: Objectives

  • Refer to short-term economic development task force described in Goal 1a.
  • Explore incentives for retail development.
  • Utilize Buxton study to directly recruit retailers and developers.
  • Develop a core retail growth zone and provide infrastructure for new/expanded development.
  • Actively seek opportunities for investment in retail development leveraging private and public funds when appropriate.
  • Actively seek to identify, secure and develop sites for future industrial, commercial and retail development consistent with desired industries and financial capacity.
  • Promote the establishment of housing developments that provide housing for various income levels.

Progress Report

Progress reports for each goal are provided on a quarterly basis to the City Council.The updated provided only notes the changes from the previous update. A full update is available in the document library.Updated on August 15, 2016 for the City Council.
  • The revised "Doing Business" section of the website serves as the one point of contact for those interested in starting a business in South Hutchinson.
  • The Hutchinson / Reno County Chamber of Commerce has standardized information on the community for new projects that come through the Chamber.
  • The City Administrator is chairman of Reno County E-Community in 2015-2017. The E-Community program sponsored  entrepreneurial education in the form of Jon Schallert's Destination BootCamp program in Longmont Colorado and through the 8-week ICE House program in partnership with HCC. E-Communities is co-sponsored a presentation from John Schallert to discuss building destinations with small business clustering in May 2016.
  • E-Communities is sponsoring the Central Kansas Youth Entrepreneurship Competition on March 2. 
  • The Frontier Commerce Park begin construction in spring 2016 and will be completed in spring 2017.
  • A hotel feasibility study was completed in April 2015 for a potential new upper mid level hotel brand. The hotel developers are currently looking for investors.
  • Love’s Travel Center began construction in November 2016 and will be completed in spring 2017.
  • City staff continues to work with real estate representatives for a fast service restaurant interested in a location on the K-96/US-50 Interchange.
  • Wichita Tractor Company will be building a new facility at Avenue D and Main. The facility opened in April 2016.
  • The ALCO building has been filled by Simply Good Overstock in November 2016.
  • Sun Valley Trucking is developing an interstate warehouse in the Wilbeck Industrial Park.
  • Staff is a member of the Reno County Chamber of Commerce on Industrial Site Development team. One of the leading potential non-rail served site would be in South Hutchinson territory. An additional rail served site is also being considered.
  • The Southern Hills Development was purchased by a private developer in June 2016.