Goal 3: South Hutchinson Identity

GOAL 3: Create and promote a unique identity for South Hutchinson

Goal 3: Objectives
  • Assign this issue to the City’s current marketing consulting firm with a timeline for completion.
  • Create a logo to identify the industrial base of South Hutchinson; a community “icon” such as Manhattan’s “Little Apple”.
  • Promote South Hutchinson as “Jobs Capitol of Kansas”.
  • Implement elements of the City’s marketing plan to build more recognition of the City’s new logo and position the community for long-term success and recognition.
  • Explore opportunities for a monthly/quarterly newsletter or community happenings that would encourage more engagement.
  • Encourage the continuation of annual community events and the development of more opportunities that encourage community interaction.

Progress Report

Progress reports for each goal are provided on a quarterly basis to the City Council.The updated provided only notes the changes from the previous update. A full update is available in the document library.This update was provided to the City Council on August 15, 2016.
  • Big Fireworks leased Lionette Field on April 22 and provided a fireworks show. The show was for vendors, but a large number of community members attended.
  • SHPD and SHFD helped host the annual bike skills clinic at the ALCO parking lot on June 4. The event is a partnership between the departments and the Reno County Development Group. Approximately 50 children completed the course
  • Staff worked with the organizers of the Salt Fest Car Show and helped facilitate the event the second weekend of June
  • The Fiesta at OLG Church was the first weekend in June. 
  • The 2016 Trunk or Treat event was held on Saturday, October 22 from 4-6PM. The event was heavily attended.
  • The Food Policy Council hosted a Farmer’s Market on Tuesday nights, 5-7PM from May to October.