Goal 6: High Quality of Life

GOAL 6: Sustain and expand programs to maintain a high quality of life and build community pride

Goal 6: Objectives

  • Develop and complete a community center project to provide a gathering point for the community’s use.
  • Develop a master plan for trails, pathways and sidewalks that maximizes the walk-ability of the community and connects all areas of town safely including parks, green spaces, SHES, churches and other amenities.
  • Continue to enhance existing parks and green spaces and seek opportunities for park expansions when feasible.
  • Develop partnerships with local organizations to expand health, wellness and recreational opportunities for all age groups.

Progress Report

Progress reports for each goal are provided on a quarterly basis to the City Council. The updated provided only notes the changes from the previous update. A full update is available in the document library. This update was provided to the City Council on August 15, 2016.
  • The City received CDBG funding for the community center project. Construction was completed in June 2016. The facility has been available for rent since August.
  • The Food Policy Council held a farmers market in 2016 and is also pursuing a community garden project with grant funds.
  • The City is working with the Hutchinson Kennel Club to bring their main training facility to South Hutchinson within the main city park near Avenue B and Washington.
  • Journey Mennonite Church has begun construction of a new gymnasium space that the church intends to use for community recreational purposes.
  • Staff, working as a member of HEAL Reno County promotes  the trail use and active transportation options including Bike to Work Day. 
  • HEAL received a 3 year, $100,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas for health initiatives.