Goal 7: Infrastructure

Goal 7: Sustain and improve infrastructure throughout the community to enhance quality of life and provide for long-term growth.

Goal 7: Objectives

  • Develop a multi-year plan to surface all streets by 2024 with special attention paid to pedestrian access in accordance with the master trails, pathways and sidewalk plan in Goal 6.
  • Develop a model for the water system and a multi-year improvement plan focused on sustainability and quality of the water supply.
  • Develop a model for the waste water system and based on that information, a multi-year improvement plan focused on sustainability.
  • Develop a master storm water management plan.
  • Investigate options for improved street lighting in the community that enhances safety and improves efficiency.
  • Invest in incremental improvements in current City facilities that improve efficiency and lower long-term operations and maintenance costs.
  • Develop master operational plans for public services and facilities based on service demands to provided scalable solutions for future growth.

Progress Report

Progress reports for each goal are provided on a quarterly basis to the City Council.The updated provided only notes the changes from the previous update. A full update is available in the document library. This update was provided to the City Council on August 15, 2016.
  • A three phase program for paving gravel roads was developed and is pending discussion for consideration of financial matters. The estimated cost is $2 million to complete the remaining streets. 
  • In March 2016, the Council recieved the final Water Model provided by PEC. From that model it was determined that acquiring additional water rights and treatment would be needed for future growth.
  • Westar has proceeded with LED street lighting and will be replacing all the lights on Main Street and State/Poplar Street in the first quarter of 2017.
  • Council approved the UV Modification project was completed in April 2016.
  • Council approved moving to an AMI SENSUS water meter system in January 2016. Change out to be completed in 2016.