Economic Development

Southern Hospitality In Action
There is something different about moving or locating a business in South Hutchinson. We understand that risk and uncertainty are biggest obstacles to any business venture.
Time is money in a very real way in the development world. The primary objective of the City of South Hutchinson is move as quickly and efficiently as possible to handle business needs. Personal service and one point of contact can resolve issues on the spot, eliminating critical down time that costs businesses time and money.

Personal service means businesses can pick up the phone and get an answer right away or at the latest receive a response within a day. Southern hospitality means a personal touch, not an answering machine.

Our Focus
The City of South Hutchinson’s economic development efforts focus on three key areas.

Retain Existing Business
  • Many major employers call South Hutchinson home, including Morton Salt International, Collins Bus Corporation, Tyson Foods, Stutzman’s Refuse, American Packaging, and Mennonite Manor.
  • Maintaining and expanding existing businesses through cooperation and a positive business climate are a priority for South Hutchinson.
Recruit New Businesses
  • Attracting new and varied types of business ensures the continued growth of South Hutchinson and the region. Offering development incentives and prime development zones, South Hutchinson is an ideal location for a business.
  • In South Hutchinson, new businesses find friendly staff and regulations that make starting or moving a business as painless as possible.
  • South Hutchinson has made retail expansion a priority by teaming with Buxton, a national leader in community analytics and retail site selection.
Promote an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • South Hutchinson was founded by entrepreneur Ben Blanchard in 1886 while drilling for oil. Instead of oil, Blanchard stumbled onto one of the biggest salt deposits in North America, touching off a period of intense growth and development. That spirit is alive and well today, as South Hutchinson is home to many successful small businesses that started as entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Companies like Seed Research and Equipment Solutions, Machine Design Services, Clydesdale Frame Company, and many more have taken root and thrived in South Hutchinson. Maintaining and growing that entrepreneurial environment helps build a strong, diverse economy.