Tax Rates

The City of South Hutchinson levies both property and sales taxes to support the operation of the City. Each year the City must complete an annual balanced budget as required by the state of Kansas.

Property Taxes

During this process the property tax rate is set via the mill levy, but this is only one portion of the tax bill homeowners pay. In addition to City tax, homeowners pay levies to Reno County, USD 309, Hutchinson Community College and several other smaller districts.

For 2022 the total property tax levy of all the jurisdictions was 149.335. More information about property taxes is available from the Reno County Clerk.

2022 Tax Liability in Mills
City of South Hutchinson 43.499
Reno County 37.808
Unified School District 309 42.997
Hutchinson Community College 21.828
All Other Jurisdictions 3.203
Total Liability 149.335

One mill represents $1,000 of appraised value. Property tax liability is computed by taking the county appraised value of the property and multiplying it by the assessment rate. For residential properties that assessment rate is 11.5% and commercial properties are assessed at 25%. That value is then divided by 1000 to get the value in mills. Mill value is then multiplied by the tax rate. The result is the tax liability for the property.

Example: A home is appraised by County for $120,000. The assessment rate is 11.5%
$120,0000 X .115 = $13,800 Assessed valuation
$13,800 / 1000 = $13.800 Valuation in Mills
$13.800 X 152.438 = $2,103.64 Tax liability

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on most consumer purchases made in South Hutchinson. The current tax rate is 8.250%. That rate includes a quarter cent local option sales tax that is designated for road improvements and economic development activities. South Hutchinson's local option sales tax does not expire.

Transient Guest Tax

South Hutchinson has levied a transient guest tax on all eligible temporary lodging including hotels, motels and cabin rental. The rate adopted in 2015 is 7%.