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The insurance industry’s Fire Insurance Rating Schedule (FIRS) determines rates for fire insurance for both business and residential structures in a community. The FIRS evaluates the fire department (apparatus, training, maintenance, pre-planning records, and response history), the community water supply system for fire protection, and the alerting and dispatching system (911 Center). The schedule is based on a 1-10 scale with a 1 being the highest or best rating and a 10 meaning little or no fire protection available.

Our current ISO rating is a 4.  The last review that South Hutchinson completed was in 2021.

Our goal is to maintain our ISO Rating through the regular review process. Although each insurance carrier can apply the ISO Rating differently, we feel we are doing all we can to help reduce fire insurance rates for our citizens and businesses in South Hutchinson.

Lockbox Program

Businesses in South Hutchinson are encouraged to provide key access to their buildings so firefighters can quickly enter structures and begin fire and rescue activities without damaging expensive doors. Some businesses considered high risk or target hazards may be required by the Fire Chief and supported in the local fire code to provided key access to a their business.

The South Hutchinson Fire Department has identified a commercial lockbox manufacturer (Kidde Supra-Safe) to supply heavy-duty tamper resistant lockboxes (paid for by the business) for this program.  The lockbox is attached to the business structure with keys locked inside by the Fire Department. The fire department holds the only key.  Annually, all facility keys inside the lockboxes are checked by firefighters and changes are made at that time. Download an informational brochure and order form by clicking here:

Fire Pre-Planning

The department is currently in the process of creating pre-fire response plans for every business in the community that enables our firefighters to get a quick look at location entry doors, fire protection systems, utility shutoffs, interior arrangement, and other hazards to safely and effectively extinguish fires and control other hazards in your business. Emergency contact information for your business is a critical component of our pre-planning system. Complete and up to date pre-plans can have a positive impact on the fire insurance rating for the community as well.