Why South Hutchinson?

The City of South Hutchinson prides itself on being pro-growth and has built a reputation for being business-friendly by aggressively keeping taxes low, offering some of the lowest water and sewer rates in the region, and supporting various types of economic incentives and tax abatements. We want to reward our existing businesses for expanding their operations and entice other businesses to relocate here. This is accomplished by proactively seeking to removing barriers that impede businesses and working together to find solutions to overcome obstacles.

Lower Cost of Business

  • South Hutchinson has one of the lowest overall mill levies in Reno County. For the 2021 budget year, South Hutchinson was 5 mills lower than Hutchinson (43.14 vs 48.114).
  • Sales Tax is lower in South Hutchinson versus Hutchinson (8.25% vs. 8.60%).
  • Lower utility costs for water and sewer service than other area communities.
  • No storm water utility or management fees in South Hutchinson.
  • Building permit and inspections fees are lower.
  • Utility connection fees are lower.

Prime Locations

  • South Hutchinson sits at the intersection of two major highways about 40 minutes outside of Wichita and bookended by the Hutchinson Regional Airport and Wichita's Eisenhower National Airport (ICT).
  • South Hutchinson has many available tracts for purchase or lease in various sizes. Commercial space on Main Street, a five-lane gateway to Hutchinson, and at the K-96 /US-50 interchange is available.
  • Frontier Commerce Park is a privately held commerce park anchored by a 37 acre RV park and travel destination. Shovel ready lots of various sizes are ready for development. Direct access off the heavily traveled K-96 corridor make Frontier Commerce Park the premier location for business in Reno County.

Transportation Advantages

  • 5 miles by highway to airport service
  • Served by accessible short-line rail service
  • South Hutchinson is ideally situated at the interchange of K-96 and US-50, at the 2nd highest traveled interchange in Reno County.

Labor Force

A skilled population offers a trained workforce to meet the needs of many industrial and commercial operations. Proximity to Hutchinson and Wichita offer a wide variety trained, dependable workers within a short distance of South Hutchinson. Strong educational systems, from grade school to trade school, train future workers to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Sensible Government

  • An atmosphere of cooperation between business, local government, regional development agencies, and state and federal agencies means that government will be a reliable partner. Strong businesses make strong economies, which make strong communities.
  • Incentives for development and redevelopment that make sense are available, including industrial revenue bonds, cash incentives for job creation, utility incentives, special financing districts, and several other options.
  • A streamlined permitting and inspection process makes project timelines flexible to save time and money.

Industrial Neighbors & Major Employers

Businesses like Morton Salt, Tyson Foods, Collins Bus Company, Stutzman’s Refuse, and American Packaging call South Hutchinson home. In 2008 South Hutchinson was a partner in bringing Siemen’s Wind Power to the Salt City Industrial Park located two miles east of town on US-50. South Hutchinson knows the needs of large-scale industry and large industry knows that South Hutchinson is there for long-term partnerships.

Learn More

We believe in the "power of the possible" and will move mountains to work with your business. To explore opportunities in South Hutchinson, contact our city administrator.

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City Administrator
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