Code Enforcement

Enforcement of building codes, building inspections, and municipal code enforcement occurs at City Hall.

Code Enforcement Process

If you have a code enforcement complaint, you are welcome to call our offices or you can use the form located at our "contact us" page to email your concern.

The City of South Hutchinson conducts code enforcement on a complaint basis. Code Enforcement cases are also sometimes initiated by staff action when issues are in plain sight and creating a nuisance.

  1. A complaint comes into the office.
  2. Code Enforcement makes a visit to the site to validate the complaint.
  3. Code Enforcement makes contact with the property owner either in person or by mail to explain the complaint and give them a reasonable time to abate the complaint.
  4. If abatement has not occurred in the reasonable time given a citation will be issued for appearance in Municipal Court.

The City has adopted the 2012 ICC Property Maintenance Code. The code provides details as to the infractions and minimum standards for maintaining property.

Common Code Violations
  • Exterior property maintenance: rubbish, garbage, etc.
  • Structures in disrepair or unsafe
  • Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles
  • Weeds and grass in excess of 12 inches in height
General Building Inspections

Building inspections are conducted as needed during normal business hours. Contractors are required to call the main office number, (620) 663-7104, to arrange for an inspection. Inspections are required for some, but not all permitted projects. If an inspection is required it will be noted when the building permit is issued.

Inspection Fees (per trip or call)  
Plumbing Inspection $15.00 each
Electrical Inspection $15.00 each
Gas Inspection $15.00 each
Mechanical Inspection $15.00 each
Occupancy Inspection $15.00 each
Curb Cut Inspection $15.00 each
After Working Hours Inspections $35.00 for two (2) hour minimum

Structure Moving Inspections

Moving a structure into or within the City of South Hutchinson requires an inspection before a permit is processed. Inspection fees for that process are $30.00 plus the current IRS mileage rate for any travel over a 5 mile radius of the City.

Mileage Reimbursement

In addition to inspection fees, the current IRS mileage rate will be paid to the City for any travel outside of a 5 mile radius of the City. Rates can be found through the Internal Revenue Service.