Inspections & Permits

In January 2015, the City Council adopted the 2012 International Building and Fire Code Sets. While the Fire Department does not have an active building inspection program, we do respond to complaints and utilize the current adopted fire code for enforcement issues.

If you feel a business or residence has serious fire safety issues, please contact the Fire Chief's Office at (620) 663-7104.

Burn Permits

The City of South Hutchinson does allow limited open burning by permit only. There is a $10 fee associated with each permit. The Fire Chief or his/her representative will conduct a site inspection, and will approve or deny the application.

Burn permit applications and a complete list of open burning regulations are available at City Hall, 2 South Main, South Hutchinson, KS. Open Burn regulations can also be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the page to our burn permits.

Home Daycare and Childcare Centers

The Fire Department conducts the site inspections on behalf of the State Fire Marshals Office for home day care facilities and childcare centers.  Regulations for these faciliites can be found below. Contact the Fire Chief's Office for your inspection at (620) 663-7104.