Emergency Snow Routes

In 2015, the City Council adopted Ordinance 15-863 providing for emergency snow routes. When more than 2 inches of snow is predicted, parking on those designated routes is prohibited. Residents will have 2 hours from the declaration of snow emergency to remove their vehicles in posted areas. 

Emergency Snow Routes

Route / Area

Main Street from South City limits to Woodie Seat River Bridge

Blanchard Avenue from West City limits to Plum Street.

6th Avenue from West City limits to Poplar Street

Poplar Street from Wabash Avenue to Kansas Avenue

Kansas Avenue from Poplar Street to Frank Hart Bridge

State Street from Main Street to Poplar Street

F Avenue from Main Street to Scott Boulevard

Scott Boulevard from F Avenue to 50 Highway Overpass

Detroit Drive from Main Street to Des Moines Avenue

Des Moines Avenue from Main Street to Detroit Drive

Sunnydell Circle from Blanchard Avenue to Friendship Road

Friendship Road from Blanchard Avenue to 6th Street

Public Works Drive from Plum Street to the WW Plant